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since her name was first put forward, and larry summers -- she has pressure with the oversight of these banks and they want to see how aggressively elizabeth lauren pushes janet yellen to push up oversight of the big banks. and more news off of the top. the chairman johnson will challenge yellen about tapering to quickly. he will caution the fed not to move too quickly to exit from its current policy, that we are on solid footing and the recovery is widespread. the message is, be careful you don't taper to quickly. >> as we can see, senator johnson is still speaking and we will come back to you throughout yellen's testimony. chief washington correspondent peter cook. michael, what would you ask janet yellen if you were a senator, who happened to be on the senate banking committee. >> the third point that peter made about what they will be talking about, that is the fed comments about changing their guidance in their january minutes. the don't like taking markets advice but with the 6.5% threshold basically obsolete, what is the next at the forward guidance? we have at other fed
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1